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finachta, Fiannachta, Fionnachta


Finnertys in Genealogical Tracts
The purpose of this page is to show the Finnerty researcher the Finnertys who were found in the Irish Annals.  These are not all of the Finnertys named in the Annals, but are the ones whose ancestors can be traced [in most cases] back to Adam, and in many cases the clans descending from these Finnertys can be found.  In reviewing the list it is important to remember that the spelling of Finachta [fionnachta] and Finchad [findchada] often refer to the same person in different Annals.  In fact, often the spelling of the name changes in the same reference book.

Code: Ref.# is generations from Adam 
[Ir] ancester Ir son of Milesius  [Hbr] ancestor is Heber son of Milesius
[Her] ancestor is Heremon son of Milesius  Name is in Irish sometimes with clan/title
Ref.  #    Name                                              aka                                                                        Reference number
45          FINACHTA,  28th Monarch        [Ir] Ellim, micOllamh Fodhla Ulster   45
52           ELIM-OILLFINSHNEACHTA     [Hbr] 36th Monarch   52
68           FINNACHTA, of Armagh             [Ir] Nephew of Conor MacNeasa   68
72            FIONNCHAD, [son of K. Ullad]  [Ir] G, grandson of Conal Cearnach   72
81            FIANNACHTAIG                           [Ir] Clanna Rory-Limerick   81
83           FINNACHTA, Cath-Crinna-Dal Fiatach     Kin to Dunlevy, Princes of Ulida/Ulster 83
88           FIONNCHAD, [anc. St. Kerrill]        [Ir] Finchadh of clan Sodhain Connacht 88
88           FINNACHTA                                      [Heber] Maher/Loughnan 88
89           FINDACHTA, Prince of Aileach      [Her]                89
90           FIONNACHTACH                              [Heber] O'Flanagan of Ely 90
90           FINNACTA-HUA-GARRCHON,      [Her] K. Leinster  Central-Wicklow 90
90           FIANNACHTAICH, Leain-Ciarraige [Ir] Clanna Rory-O'Connor Kerry [Luacra] 90
90           FIANACHTAICH                                [Ir] Clanna Rory-O'Connor Kerry [Luacra] 90
92           FINNACHTA,                                      [Her] [ui-Dega-Tamaing] Brennan-Ossory [Laois] 92
93           FINNACHTA, Lord  Kilnamanagh     [Her] Dwyer, C. Tipperary 93
93           FINACHTACH-FLEADHACH,           [Her] 153rd Monarch ,Moody of Meath 93
94           FIONNACHTACH                                [Heber] Casey of Cork 94
94           FINNACHTAI                                        [Ir] O'Connor, Loughlin clannaRory, Clare 94
96           FINNACHTACH, [Hui Dichon              [Her] Airgialla, McCartan of Loch Foyle 96
97           FIONNACHTACH, Lord of Massarene  [Her] Donnellan N. Clanaboy 97
97           FINNACHTA-CINEL-CRITAN              [Her] O'Naughten, O'Lally, Hy Maine 97
97           FIANNACHTAIG, [ Maelhuidir]           [Her] Carlow/Leinster 97
98           FINSHNEACTA , 161st Mon                 [Her] Coleman  Meath 98
99           FINNACHTAIGH-SIL-ANMCHADA   [Her] O'Madden Galway 99
99           FINNACHTA-FINDBANN                     [Heber] DalCas, MacNamara  Clare 99
100          FIONNACHTAIGH-MICDUNGAR,     [Her] Chief Clan Conway 100
100          FIONNACHTACH, [O'Hart of Tara]      [Her] , Flanagan, Donnellan [Ulster] 100
100          FINSHNEACHTA                                     [Her] O'Fallon-King's co. 100
100           FINNACHTA, Dealbha-Beathra               [Hbr] Coghlin of Delvin-Offaly 100
100           FINNACHTA, Dal Birn Ossory                 [Her] Fitzgerald/Brennan of Kilkenny 100
100           FINNACHTA, Sil Nad-sluig                      [Her] Airgialla McMahan, Monaghan 100
100           FINDACHTA[2], clan Mailiduin               [Her] Quinlan of Meath 100
100           FINACHTA, [clan Mailiduin]                     [Her] Quinlan of Meath 100
101           O'FIONNACHTAIG, Beannachdach         [Her] Clan Conway 101
101            FIONNACHTA-LUIBHNE                         [Her] Saint Fionnachta Iona K. of Conacht 101
101            FIONNACHTACH                                       [Her] Clan Kelly O'Donnell of Fermanagh 101
101            FINNACHTA-UA-MUIREDAIG               [Heber] Kerry 101
101            FINNACHTA                                                [Her] Clan Conchobar O'Conor Roscommon 101
101            FINNACHTA                                                [Hbr] O'Hara/O'Gara of Sligo/Mayo 101
102             O'FIONNACHTAIGH, Concha                  [Her] Clan Conway 102
102              FIONNACHTACH                                      [Her] King of Hy Maine 102
102              FINSNECHTA,                               Hui Ossain-Dal Birn Ossory [Her] Fitzpatrick Killkenny 102
102              FINNACHTA*                                            [Her] Fhinachta Ua Murchada Connacht 102
102              FINNACHTA                                               [Her] Clan Bresail Ua Conchobar Connacht 102
102              FINACHTA-MICBRAIGHTHE [               Her] Fox. Carney, W. Meath 102
103              O'FIONNACHTAIGH,  Cathal                    [ Her]Clan Conway 103
103               FINNSNECHTAE-UAENECGLAISLAGIN          [Her] Kelly Cualan 103
103               FINNACHTA, Muiredach*                        [Her] Urchadh-UaFhinachta Clan Murchada 103
103               FIANNACHTAIG, Hua Raithnen Ossory            [Her] Fitzpatrick/Brennan Kilkenny 103
103               FIANNACHTACH,                                       [Hua Droina-Laigen] Co. Carlow O'Ryan 103
104                O'FIONNACHTAIGH, Murtagh                 [Her] Clan Conway 104
105               O'FIONNACHTAIGH, Murtagh Oge          [Her] Clan Conway 105
105 FINSHNEACHTA-CEATHAIRDHERC,                  K. of Leinster [Her] O'Toole/ Wicklow 105
105                FIANNACHTA, Guillbeithe                        [Her] Guillbeithi Clan Murchada 105
105                FIANACHTA, Gilla-Granna*                       [Her] Clan Murchada-Sil Murry 105
106                 O'FIONNACHTAIGH, Teige                       [Her] Clan Conway 106
106                  FINNSNECHTA, [Lord of Fortuatha-Laigen]       [Her] MacMurrogh/ Leinster 106
106                  FINNACHTA                                                [Her] clan Murchada-Sil Muireadach 106
106                  FINACHTA, Muireadhach*                       [Her] Chief Clan Murchada 106
107                  O'FIONNACHTAIGH, Teige-Oge,             [ [Her] Last Lord of Clanconway 107
107                  FINNACHTA, [Sil-Maeluidir-Lagin]          Her] MacMurrogh,  Cavanaugh 107
107                  FINACHTA, Muirchertach*                        [Her] Clan Murchada-Connacht 107
108                  NUALA, O'Finaghty                                      [Her] Nuala na-meadoige Ny-Fynaghty 108
108                  FINNACHTAIGH, Muireadhach                 [Her] Clan Murchada-Connacht 108
108                   FINNACHTAIGH, Eachmarcach                 [Her] Clan Murchada 108
108                  FINNACHTA, Muirchartach                         [Her] Clan Murchada 108
108                  CHARLES, O'Finaghty                                   [Her] Clan Conway 108
109                  DONOCH, O'Finaghty                                     [Her] Clan Conway 109
109                  DANIEL, O'Finaghty                                       [Her] Clan Conway 109
109                  BRIAN, O'Finaghty                                          [Her] Clan Conway 109
110                  HUGH, O'Finaghty                                           [Her] Clan Conway 110
111                   RORY, O'Finaghty                                           [Her] Clan Conway 111
111                   MANUS, O'Finaghty                                      [Her] Clan Conway 111
111                     HUGH, O'Finaghty                                         [Her] Clan Conway 111
112                     DONOCH-GRANNA, O'Finaghty                [Her] Clan Conway 112
113                     O'CONOR, Hugh, King of Connacht             Grandfather of Muireadhach O'Finaghty 113
113                     CHARLES, O'Finaghty                                   [Her] Clan Conway 113
114                     WILLIAM, O'Finaghty                                   [Her] Clan Conway 114
114                      REDMOND, O'Finaghty                                [Her] Clan Conway 114
114                       JAMES, O'Finaghty, [the Priest]                 [Her] Clan Conway 114
115                       MALACHY, O'Finaghty                               [Her] Clan Conway 115
117                         FIONNACHTACH, Sil Amnchada-Lusmagh        [Her] Hy Maine kin to Hoolighan 117
120                         SAINT FINAGHTY                                       [Heber] McNamara-Claire 120
The above names will help you find the Finnerty who lived where your ancestors lived.  Use this information with that found in Finnertys in History to narrow your research. Use our LINK to historical Irish maps and find out more about the tribes in your area of interest.  Also, our coats of arms page will help you in this research.    RF